Listen to Skin’s Message

Exfoliate, Hydrate, Moisturize, Repair

These are all familiar words! Did you know that these words represent the natural mechanism that is built into the human skin? This means that each and every minute of the day, your largest and hardest working organ of the body, your skin, Exfoliates, Hydrates, Moisturizes, and Repairs all by itself.  These functions are a natural and automatic action of the human skin.
Cells produce acidic water, which hydrates and decongests the cells. Also the skin produces hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump the skin. A builtin, (Natural) function of the skin also produces Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize, plump the skin, protecting fiber blast tissues so they will continue to produce HA and Collagen firming the skin’s appearance.
One might ask, if the skin already naturally exfoliates dead, damaged toxic cells, and produces acidic water to decongest and hydrate the cell, then WHY do we need to use skin care products? Another question is if hyaluronic acid is produced by skin tissue to keep skin moist and plump, then why do we need to hydrate the skin? What about this one – if amino acids,  proteins that are present in the body, are there to repair damaged tissue, then WHY do we repeat the process with skin care products?
The answer is found in the science of skin, the foundation upon which professional grade skin care product formulas are built on.  Professional grade products are needed as a daily support to the skin’s function and to help reduce environmental and physical stresses on the skin.  The skin needs support and the best support it can receive is from professional grade products that assist the skin naturally by following the skin’s lead as it tries to keep up with the affects of premature aging, fight inflammation and ward off disease. 
So be consistent and follow your prescribed daily regime.
The Natural Way, the skin’s way, is to use gentle formulas to exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and repair.
I hope you will take this newsletter to heart and really think about what science has proven about how the skin functions. Be weary of being a victim of marketing and advertising. We all need to take seriously this all-important organ. The skin may be complex in nature but it sends a clear message, a cry for help. What is built into your skin is already the (real) Natural coarse to follow. 
I recommend supporting the skin daily for a more youthful color and texture, fewer lines, improved radiance to create a healthy organ that can help protect your immune system.
If you don’t have a daily skin care regimen, contact me and we can start taking baby steps.

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Until next time,
Peace and love,