The Winter Skin Care Step You Should Not Skip

cell therapy mist plus

Myth: Moisturizing your skin is the same as Hydrating your Skin!

Fact: You need to Hydrate and Moisturize, two different products that deliver different benefits to nourish and improve the Total health of your skin.

Oxidation has become the #1 enemy of the skin. The increasing inability of the skin to respond to moisturizers has become more and more apparent. Positive signals to the cells from ingredients in moisturizers are being blocked because of the preponderance of oxidation and its aging effect on the skin.

What is the solution?

Premiere’s Cell Therapy Mist Plus used first before your favorite Moisturizer or Night Cream will break the barrier oxidation creates. In addition Layering skin care products, not relying on using only one cream at Night, or one Moisturizer in the day will fool and block negative signals. For example, this is an example of layering your skin care products:

  1. Spray Cell Therapy Mist
  2. Then apply Serious Firming Serum
  3. Then apply Celagen
  4. Then apply your favorite moisturizer (Hydragen, Intense Moisturizer for Dry Skin, or Chamomile Creme)
  5. In the evenings, spray Cell Therapy Mist before you apply your favorite night creme.

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